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Athletes vs E-Gamer

While visual acuity is most often measured under static conditions during annual check-ups with an optometrist, research shows that testing dynamic visual acuity is a more effective measure of a person's ability to see moving objects clearly - a baseline skill necessary for success in physical and e-sports alike.

Using a dynamic visual acuity skills test designed and validated at the University of Waterloo, "athletes showed a stronger ability to identify smaller moving targets, which suggests visual processing differences exist between them and our video game players". These players were matched based on their level of static visual acuity and refractive error, distinguishing dynamic visual acuity as the varying factor on their test performance.

The researchers concluded that there is still a benefit to training in a 3D environment. The broader visual field and depth perception that come with physical training may be crucial to improving dynamic visual acuity, and ultimately, sport performance.

From Mivision December 2021 Issue 174 p. 20.

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