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Consultation Fees and Medicare

Just an update on our billing policies here at the practice and how they tie in with Medicare and bulk-billing.

In a nutshell, the government policy around schedules for bulk-billing over the past 10 years have seen a stagnation in what optometrists get paid. For example, what an optometrist gets paid for a full consultation now, is almost on par with what was paid in 2014. I am no economist; however I do know that the cost of running any business, let alone in healthcare, costs a lot more now than 8 years ago. As most of you would appreciate, we are a bulk-billing practice for pension/concession card holders only, as well as children and full-time students.

Otherwise, there is a fee to pay, however the gap is minimal ($16-24). The bill is processed on the spot and the rebate is paid directly back on the spot in most instances. People sometimes prefer to take the receipt home and can claim directly vis the MyGov website.

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