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JK - Legend - Update

JK was back in to see me recently and due to the response to his story, I wanted to update you with how he is getting on. He walked into the practice and was able to tell me I was wearing a check shirt and told me he forgot how handsome I was.

He has had reconstructive surgery that is nothing short of high-end, intricate work and his doctors are doing an amazing job. He has had a lens implant as well as a corneal transplant. What is required now is for the pressure in his eye to gradually increase to give his eye-ball more shape and rigidity. The extent of the retinal damage means there is still a guarded outcome, but John is up for the journey.

At his very last visit we have put together a pair of glasses that should give him a little more clarity. We were discussing how much vision has returned since the accident. and we might be at around 5%. A long way to go, but remember, JK went from 100% vision to zero in the space of 10 seconds.

Please click on the link below to hear JK's story from the man himself.

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