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Patient Profile JK - legend

This is the story of my relationship with JK who first presented at my practice in 2009. Not sure how he ended up in my shop as he lived in North Lakes, but I am glad he did.

As his optometrist, JK was the ideal patient. He always responded to my recalls and was appreciative of what I was doing for him, namely navigating him through his eye-care needs, of which there was never many challenges. On top of that, It was always great to simply catch up, generally on a Saturday, with him and his lovely wife. JK joined the police force and eventually moved to North Queensland, but continued to stay in touch.

Late 2020, I received an email from the ophthalmology team at the RWBH; JK had suffered an injury. I had to re-read the correspondence half a dozen times to fully understand.

Earlier this year JK got in touch with me and filled me in with what happened.

On duty up North, he came off his motorbike in responding to a car accident. If you can, picture a professional in full riding gear with helmet, visor and his glasses underneath. JK was going around 80+ km/hr and left the road, sliding into a barbed-wire fence at speed. His injuries were a bad laceration to his arm, and eye injuries.

JK had both his eyeballs ruptured and nasal bridge injuries ...

He and I have recently discussed the How's and Why's this could happen. As his optometrist, I can't answer these questions. He has completely lost his left eye, and his right eye-ball is being managed in a way that there is occasional light and shapes seen by JK. He has the best surgeons in Brisbane planning a way forward, including hopefully corneal transplant and lens replacement. I am so hopeful for JK that he gets the improvement he deserves.

  • JK mentioned that at one point he saw some light shimmering off his wedding ring - legend.

  • He is dedicating himself to learning the use of a cane - legend.

  • He goes to work and is learning how to use text to audio and vice versa and learning what IT systems he can utilize in his new world - legend.

He would have been more of a legend had he walked through my door with a Dragons jersey on but the Cowboys are my second team.

Why would I share his story with you all? I am unsure other than he has provided me with more inspiration than I would have hoped my job could ever deliver.

When I look out over Moreton Bay this Xmas Holiday, I will appreciate even more how bright the world looks; and think of JK.

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Jeff McIntyre
Jeff McIntyre
Nov 26, 2021

Thanks for sharing JK's story Simon. Inspiring and very frightening. The message to me is "don't take your current state of (good) health for granted". Something can go wrong at anytime and your life will never be the same again. Good luck JK. You're a brave man!

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