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This is why I do what I do

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Say hi to Evelyn. It was so good to see her the other day. Here is her story....

When I set up shop in 2001, Evelyn had a business a few doors up. Evelyn was one of my first patients and has provided me with numerous challenges. Thankfully she always rocks up with that killer smile.

We originally had ongoing issues with her contact lenses and this was followed by the fact her eyes looked like they were heading toward glaucoma. Then we ran into some early cataract and this was dealt with quite efficiently and we thought we were on easy street. That's when Evelyn moved to the Gold Coast. We stayed in touch and she didn't need such regular visits as she was doing well, maybe every 18 months she would visit. Then last year I got a call and Evelyn was noticing a sudden change to her vision and she trusted that I could help her out and made the trip from Coolangatta - Just as well as her retina was detaching!!!! Here we go again and within 48 hours, surgery was in the cards.

I stayed in touch and things sounded bad and recently Evelyn returned for me to have a look at things. She has such a good surgeon; things have gone well and we are looking at going back to our regular reviews, for now.......

It is such a nice smile.

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