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The range of options available to correct eyesight problems is large and more involved than many realise. Following a comprehensive assessment, Simon will use his years of experience to advise each individual on what he feels is the most appropriate corrective option. This may sometimes include different options for specific tasks, or potentially one option to cover all visual needs. There is no upselling or over-servicing, instead an honest opinion that is tailor made to each individual.

Spectacle Lenses

Lenses vary in thickness and for higher prescriptions high-index materials and specialised lens surfacing can be used to create a thinner more cosmetically appealing product. Simon can also advise on lens coatings, including anti-reflective coatings which offer glare reduction, and also discuss types of lenses such as the popular transition lenses which change tint according to brightness. This allows one pair of glasses to be used as sunglasses as well as indoors and during night-time.




Choosing a frame is generally considered to be the more enjoyable part of buying glasses, yet for some people it can be daunting, especially for first time wearers.

Following 25 years of experience in helping people choose frames, Simon prides himself on getting this just right. His front of house team are also always happy to be part of this process, with their fashion sense often providing that extra assistance.

We carry over 500 frames, including designs and materials sourced from all over the world. Our range is 

constantly evolving with new models arriving as they become available.

Be prepared to be taken out of your comfort zone, or to play the conservative card - it's your call.

"The finished product is a combination of choosing the right frame coupled with the right lens design –

truly a detailed process aimed at meeting the individuals’ lifestyle and needs"


Contact lenses have been a recognised form of vision correction for decades. Technology has progressed quickly and the advantages to both optometrist and patient are numerous. For patients these advances mean an increase in comfort, wearing times and reduced chance of infection.

At Simon Clark Optometrist, your suitability for contacts will be assessed at an initial consultation. From here a contact lens trial can be initiated, giving a great insight into what to expect before your initial purchase.

Contact Lenses

Order your contact lenses online. Now with optional home delivery!


Our Services


Eye Examinations

New patients can expect their first consultation with Simon to last approximately 45 minutes. A detailed history is taken, followed by a comprehensive examination to gather as much information as possible. In most instances, this will be all that is required, however it is possible that further testing may be required in order to look further into potential problems.

With a recent upgrade to all his consulting room equipment, it may be required for patients to have a subsequent consultation, particularly patients with complex eye-health needs.

Specific types of testing include:

➤ Diabetic eye exams   

➤ Computerised visual field testing 

➤ Comprehensive glaucoma assesments

➤ Macula degeneration detection and management

➤ Contact lens examinations


Contact Lens Trials available for first time wearers

As mentioned above, Simon is happy to offer a trial of contact lens wear that will give the patient an opportunity to experience the benefits prior to purchasing any lenses. This will include detailed instructions on handling the lenses as well as a comprehensive plan of attack, to ensure a smooth transition into a spectacle-free world. 

Fees & Billing Procedures

As Simon offers such a broad range of services, consultation fees vary depending on what is involved. The good news however is that the majority of eye examinations attract a generous Medicare rebate. For an initial consultation, expect to pay $96. In most instances, Medicare will cover close to $64 and this rebate can be processed on the spot, directly back into your nominated bank account. This rebate from Medicare will be less if you have been seen by another optometrist within 3 years. For shorter consultations, the fee is $58 - of which close to $32 is rebated back by Medicare.

 For patients that have a current pension or heath-care card, Simon will still be able to provide a bulk-billing service on his examinations.


Health Insurance Rebates

Processing private health insurance is very simple at Simon Clark Optometrist.  We can claim on your behalf through HICAPS, saving you time and effort, when you have a relevant level of cover.

Ask us about health insurance packages which include frame and lens packages for little or no out of pocket expense.

Eye Exams
Contact Trials
Fees & Billing
Health Insurance
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