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Update on JK

Yes, I know you have been wanting an update on JK. So late last year I was receiving reports from the surgical team that things were looking a little grim. The original cornea that JK was transplanted with was failing – remember this is his only eye and there was a tiny glimmer of sight that he had retained following his accident and subsequent surgeries.

So, a collective deep breath was taken and the surgeons got back to work with another donor cornea, and can you believe it, this one is proving more positive than the first. Early days I know, but when JK was back in recently for an update to his glasses, he was seeing more than I could have hoped for. He does now have a prescription that reads “ + 14.00 “, which is a high number yes, but JK doesn’t care and its onward and upward, as it always has been for this legend.

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