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Who is that young optometrist??

Who is that fresh-faced optometrist?? Clean shaven and wearing a tie no less!!

Back in the day when the “South-East Advertiser” was in printed form and well circulated, Simon was always keen to get his face in the local rag. We think this photo is a promotional image that was used when the practice first opened in 2001!!

That’s right, 20 years ago this September, Simon took a deep breath and opened the practice. The first weeks to months, he would keep count on how many people walked into the shop and how many times the phone would ring!!!!

At that time he was not concerned about a pandemic shutting him down, but the Twin Towers were attacked within a week of opening, and the world was about to get plunged into uncertainty.

We wish we could throw a big party, but it might have to wait till we turn 21!

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