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Simon Clark Optometrist

About Us

Simon Clark graduated from QUT’s School of Optometry in 1991. His early career was forged working throughout Australia as an optometrist on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne. Over this time, Simon worked in different modes of practice including large corporate stores and boutique practices, with the aim of opening his own practice once returning to Brisbane.

This dream became a reality in September 2001, when Simon Clark Optometrist was established in its present location - Stones Corner,  in the inner Eastern Brisbane suburb of Stones Corner. 

Contact Simon today and one of our friendly staff will soon be in touch.

About Us


Lenses vary in thickness and for higher prescriptions high-index materials and specialised lens surfacing can be used to create a thinner more cosmetically appealing product... more



Choosing a frame is generally considered to be the more enjoyable part of buying glasses, yet for some people it can be daunting, especially for first time wearers... more


Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have been a recognised form of vision correction for decades. Technology has progressed quickly and the advantages to both optometrist and patient are numerous... more


Eye Examinations

New patients can expect their first consultation with Simon to last approx. 45 minutes. A detailed history is taken, followed by a comprehensive examination to gather as much information as possible... more


Fees & Billing Procedures

As Simon offers such a broad range of services, consultation fees vary depending on what is involved... more


Contact Lens Trials

Simon Clark offers Contact Lens trials for first time wearers. Let us help you safely prepare and transition to wearing contacts for the first time... more

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